Police Weekend Drug Arrests

Several persons are due before the court this week, having being charged for a number of drug related offences by the police over the weekend. ZDK’s Vanesa Bent has the details

On Friday Police Officers attached to Grays Farm Police Station executed a Search Warrant at the home of 22yrs old Randy Daniel of Christian Street, Grays Farm and found 94 Cannabis Plants growing on his premises.

The plants were uprooted and taken to the station. Daniel was arrested and charged with Possession of Cannabis and Cultivation of Cannabis.

Also on Friday, Grays Farm Police executed a Search Warrant on a property at White Road, Grays Farm and found 42 grams of Cannabis. Both Madella Victor Spencer and Danyela Bynoe of Grays Farm were found on the premises and were arrested and taken into custody. They were jointly charged with Possession of Cannabis and Possession with intent to sell.

In a separate incident, officers attached to the Narcotics Department on Saturday executed a Search warrant on the home of 48yrs old Andre Spencer of Willikies and found a quantity of Cannabis. The officers found 2lbs of cured Cannabis, and 30 Cannabis Plants growing on his property.

The cured substance along with the uprooted plants was taken to Police Headquarters along with Spencer. He was charged with Possession of 2 pounds of Cannabis and 30 Cannabis plants, Possession with intent to transfer and Cultivation of Cannabis.

Also on Saturday, the officers attached to the Narcotics Department came across a small Cannabis plantation in Liberta with 31 cannabis plants growing. The plants were uprooted and taken to Police Headquarters pending further investigations into the matter.

Additionally, police arrested and charged 54yrs old Eugene Thomas of Belmont for Possession of Cannabis. Thomas was caught with four small transparent plastic bags containing Cannabis, hidden inside a “Sunshine Ice Cream” container.

It was reported that she went to St. Johns Police Station to carry food for her son, who at the time was detained by police.

However, while the officer was carrying out a routine inspection of the food, he discovered a wrapped piece of foil with the drugs as well as pieces of “Raw” wrapping paper and tobacco and a cigarette lighter hidden amongst the food.

She was taken into custody and charged. The incident occurred on Saturday.

Meantime, the police reported that over the weekend they conducted several “Stop & Search” exercises throughout the island, which proved to be successful according to Law officials.

The exercises were carried out at several crime hot spots, bars, and clubs and in various communities. A total of 188 vehicles, along with the occupants of these vehicles were stopped and searched.

A total of 11 vehicles were impounded at Police Headquarters for various traffic violations. It is expected that the drivers of these vehicles will be charged for committing the various offences.

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