Prime Minister gives full disclosure of his personal assets

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has issued a full disclosure of his Personal assets after he was called into question by members of the United Progressive Party.

According to PM Browne, it was asserted that since he became Prime Minister he became suddenly wealthy. Prime Minister Browne in response to the claim made known the assets that he acquired before he got into office.

“Now I just want to share some information without getting into too much details, to confirm that in 2014 in declaration to the integrity commission that I declared in excess of $30 million dollars in assets, assets that were required without the assistant from the government, these assets were acquired as a result of 30 years of toil.”


He also made mention to all the assets he acquired after he became Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.

“Since I became Prime Minister I have not acquired a single vehicle not even for my public use, the same vehicles that the former Prime Minister had for 10 years those are what I continue to use, the only property that has been acquired is a parcel of land at Jolly Harbour by a company, its an investment that I don’t have to disclose to the public.”


PM Browne said that as the only Minister who came into Government with the wealth that he brought in 2014, he is committed to the sole purpose of empowering citizens of the country.



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