The Antigua State College Clarifies Its Valedictorian Selection Process

The Administration of the Antigua State College has finally come forward with answers after news broke last week of a Valedictorian Scandal ahead of this year’s graduation proceedings.

A Concerned Parent spoke to ZDK News stating that Top performer at College Terrikia Benjamin was snubbed of the valedictory award in favour of another student which caused contention between admin and backers of the student.

However, the college has decided to come forward and issued an official statement on Tuesday putting the issue to rest.

In the press statement, the college made clear that this year is the first time that the College has decided to name a Valedictorian and states that while academic performance plays a key role in the selection, the Valedictorian does not have to be the student with the highest GPA.

According to the head of student affairs, Anika Kentish, the successful student, Ms Claytifa Samuel, was selected from a pool of highly qualified students – all high academic performers in their respective departments.

Kentish says that once the five outstanding performers were selected, a random process was used to make the final selection which is not a process unusual to colleges and universities.

The statement went on to note that while regrettable that people have sought trivialize the process the College is proud of Ms Terrikia Benjamin and Ms Claytifa Samuel, both top students in their respective departments who embody the qualities the institution encourages – high academic standards, professionalism and extracurricular involvement.

The Mother of Terikia Benjamin called in to ZDK’s Your Views on Monday expressing her feelings on the situation, even calling on senior education officials to intervene. She had indicated that she found the entire process unfair.

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