V.C Bird Solar Power Plant Generates in the Millions

The 3 megawatt solar power plant at the V. C Bird International Airport has already exceeded the expectations of engineers after generating more than US $1 million thus far.

This is according to the Chief Technical Officer of the United Kingdom-based PV Energy Limited, the company which spearheaded the project, Thomas Biendorf.

Biendorf noted that in just 6 months since its installation, the solar power plant has generated 2.5 million kilowatt hours of power and has saved two thousand tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions, surpassing their initial predictions.

He credited what he described as excellent result to the highly professional installation and maintenance work done by engineers including the strategic positioning of the solar plants.

The 3 megawatt solar power plant is the first phase of the 10 megawatt clean energy project between the Antigua and Barbuda Government and PV Energy Ltd.

The next phase of the project, which involves the installation of solar panels on a number of government schools and other facilities, is currently ongoing.

The project is a part of the governments plan in becoming a regional leader in renewable energy resources.

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