Wilmoth Daniel Continues His Attack on the PM

Just Hours after the Government’s Chief of Staff announced that an Opposition MP could face a possible Defamation Lawsuit; The Member of Parliament in question has continued his onslaught against the Prime Minister.

UPP Member of Parliament for St. Phillip’s South Wilmoth Daniel took to the airwaves this morning on opposition aligned Crusada radio and continued his attack on Prime Minister Browne.

The Parliamentarian showed no sign or indication of backing down from his words or retracting his initial statements as he reiterated several of the comments from the political rally on the radio programme.

Speaking to ZDK News on Tuesday, Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst indicates that a lawsuit could be in the Cards as he has advised the Prime Minister to take legal action against the Member of Parliament.

The Government Official urged the Member of Parliament to come forward publicly retracting the statements made, and voiced his disappointment with the parliamentarian for having made the statements on the political platform.

He says that once the statements are retracted, a lawsuit would no longer be in the cards.


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