Another Suspected Case of Zika Detected in Antigua

The Health Minister the Hon. Molwyn Joseph has revealed that another individual has shown symptoms of the Zika Virus, following a recent trip abroad.

Minister Joseph told reporters during a Press Conference aimed at bringing the media up to date on a National Clean-Up Campaign on Thursday morning, said that apart from the one confirmed case that was announced in May, there is another suspected case under investigation.

“Preliminary information is that this is an individual that has traveled abroad and appeared to be showing signs of the Zika virus,” the minister said.

During the conference at the Ministry’s headquarters, the minister also rolled out stringent plans set to commence on Monday, in the ministry’s desperate attempt to eradicate the Aedes Egypti mosquito.

Joseph said a scoping exercise which is slated to begin on Monday will precede a national clean-up campaign in the various constituencies lasting approximately 4 weeks, aimed at helping to determine what is required to do the job and the target areas.
He said each constituency will have a team made up of five individuals from five different agencies of government namely the Central Board of Health, National Solid Waste Management Authority, Local Government/Community Development, the Police and the Defence Force which will be mandated to visit every residence to do an assessment of the environmental conditions there.
Each team member will have their specific roles to perform which is a collective approach to fight against the mosquito which transmits the Zika Virus.
“We can fight Zika on a national basis and that’s what we are doing; taking on the fight of the entire country. Only the people of the country can benefit because nobody wants to be infected by this virus,” Joseph noted.
Minister Joseph also disclosed that the government is fully committed to providing the financial resources to help families to overcome certain environmental problems.
’’For instance, if we go to a home where there is stagnant water and the family has difficulty in getting whatever is necessary to eliminate that problem , the government will step in and assist the family or homeowner to eradicate that problem,” Joseph assured the public.
He said that this is the first time that a cleanup exercise is being held on this level as it will be taking place all over the nation simultaneously.

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