Man pleaded guilty to Larceny and Malicious damage of propane cylinder

25yrs-old Ibo Hughes of Nut Grove pleaded guilty in the St. Johns Magistrate court on Monday to Larceny and Malicious damage.

Hughes was arrested and charged on Saturday for Larceny of a 20-lb gas cylinder and regulator, and malicious damage to one gas cylinder hose. He appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh and pleaded guilty to both charges and was convicted and fined.

Meantime, in light of a number concerns that were raised over a video being circulated on social media, where at the time of the incident Hughes was left handcuffed at the side of the road.

According to a release from Stratcom, the incident stemmed from a report of larceny, which took place in the Golden Grove area on Friday 22nd July.

Reports are that a Golden Grove woman called out to the police for assistance, after she saw a man stealing her 20lb propane gas cylinder from her yard. The Police were on mobile patrol, and spotted the man running in the Big Creek area, in the vicinity of the Roundabout.

However, in efforts to avoid being apprehended, Hughes struck the officer a blow in his chest cavity, rendering him temporarily incapacitated. Members of the public who witnessed the incident went to the assistance of the police.

It was reported that the officer, because of his medical condition, was forced to leave the man on the scene handcuffed, to seek immediate attention. Other police officers shortly arrived on the scene and transported 25yrs-old Hughes to the hospital.

He was treated for injuries he apparently sustained during a scuffle with the police.

The incident, according to lawmen, happened at the heels of a number of reports of Breakings and Larceny within the Golden Grove, Nut Grove, Bendals, Bathlodge, Cashew Hill, Jennings and Ebenezer areas; where similar items were reportedly stolen.

The Police Administration wishes to publicly thank those persons who assisted the officer during the incident.

Meantime, the matter surrounding the video was referred to the Office of Professional Standards (OPS) within the police force for further investigations.

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