Shortage in Propane gas cylinder at the West Indies Oil Company (WIOC)

Reports have surfaced indicating that the West Indies Oil Company (WIOC) is currently experiencing a shortage in 20lb propane gas cylinders.

According to James Tanny Rose a regular caller on ZDK’s Your Views the issue is allegedly due to former owners never wanting to invest in new cylinders which has resulted in a situation where the current owners now having to recall but are yet to replace the amount of cylinders that have been returned.

Rose said that after speaking with the General Manager of WIOC Gregory Georges he learned that the employees are presently working overtime to ensure that the country continues to supply cylinders.

He also indicated that an order should arrive in Antigua by August.

Tanny Rose indicated that the manager was also quick to note that residents should not be alarmed by the shortage in cylinders. According to Mr Rose the WIOC head also advised residents that there is sufficient propane on the island.

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