Team Xtreme Cops Top Spot in 2016 Commit To Be fit Weight-Loss Competition

Joe “Heavy” Ferris from Team Xtreme was named this year’s winner or in this case biggest loser, after emerging as the candidate to have lost the most weight in this year’s 2016 Commit to be fit weight-loss competition.

Ferris was ranked 1st among 36 other participants after losing 25.13% body fat in the 13 week weight-loss challenge. Ackela Browne from Team Torturer and Valora Thomas-John from Team Iron Basics narrowly missed the top spot after they both lost 24.51% and 23.28%, ranking 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Despite Team Xtreme’s Ferris ranking 1st, Team Iron Basics was named the top team after 4 of their participants trained by fitness instructor Steve Williams, ranked in the top 10 positions.

Team Torture ranked 2nd, Team Xtreme ranked 3rd, with Team Life-time Fitness and Team Athletic Club copping the 4th and 5th spots respectively.

Michele Lynch, one of the participants was also acknowledged after switching to a healthier lifestyle following news that she had diabetes, when she signed up for the challenge.

The Commit To Be Fit Antigua Weight-loss Challenge is an episode TV series in which participants compete to lose weight. Each episode was broadcasted on local media outlets, ABS and CTV for thirteen (13) consecutive weeks which began on March 13th, 2016.


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