Upper House Meets and Passes Bills with Little to No Debate

A number of bills were debated and passed in the Upper house of Parliament on Monday, some of which were passed within minutes of discussion.

Included in the batch was the Electronic Transactions (Amendment) Bill of 2016, which was passed without any opposing debate.

Leader of Government business Senator Lennox Weston described the bill as a means of ensuring that authentic electronic data is used, particularly as the government prepares to transition into an e-government platform.

The announcement of the amendment first came on steam through the Minister of Information Melford Nicholas earlier this year. He assured that the bill will increase “the ease of doing business” in Antigua & Barbuda, as it will allow public bodies to complete transactions using electronic signatures.

The Evidence Special Provisions Amendment Bill 2016 was also passed in the Senate on Monday.

The bill which was not amended makes provisions for vulnerable witnesses including persons who are hearing impaired or mute, to give evidence in civil or criminal court proceedings.

It will also allow person who are residing outside of Antigua And Barbuda to give evidence in cases via a video link or teleconference.

The bill was fully supported by both sides of parliament, with the opposition describing it as a step further to having an all-inclusive society.



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