Following concerns raised by attorney-at-law Leon Chaku Symister surrounding immigration policies on arranged marriages; an immigration official says the practice used to avoid immigration laws, is not uncommon.

Symister on Tuesday says it is a regular practice here in Antigua adding that he knows at least two persons who lives part time with their husbands and boyfriends until immigration papers comes through.

Chief Immigration Officer Annette Mark told ZDK news this is not the first time the immigration department is receiving these reports.

“It is not an uncommon phenomenon, it happens everywhere in the world. We just have to monitor it and take steps where necessary,” she said.

Mark said that the department has suspected a few cases in the past and while not going into detail, added there are a few cases currently being monitored.

“We’ve seen a few cases which we suspect but we only suspect, there are none that we we can prove'” she added.

She said that if needs be, policies will be put in place to stop the practice.

“If needs be we will put things in place but we are aware of it. it does require further discussions as time go by and I have spoken to the Minister already however it does need further discussion.”

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