Another Fire Leaves A Family of 7 Homeless

At least 7 more persons are without a home after another fire destroyed their three-bedroom dwelling on Tuesday.

Yesterday, Bernadine Richards and her family were left in shock after watching the place they once called their home being burned to charred wood, destroying everything but the clothes on their backs.

Reports are that fire-fighters started battling the blaze approximately 10:20 am but were unable to save the wooden structure or any valuables from the blaze. ZDK News understands that although no one was injured during the fire, one of the family’s four dogs got killed during the incident.

While being thankful that no one was injured during the blaze, Richards’s said she was concerned for her children, who now have no school supplies or uniforms for the opening of the new school term tomorrow Thursday.

Fire-fighters have not determined the cause of the fire, however according to Richards; she believes that it may have started in the kitchen due to the amount of damage done to the roof of that area.

She added that she however does not remember leaving any appliances, apart from the customary appliances plugged in.

Apart from Richards, the Gray’s Hill home once housed Richards’ three sons, a 21 yr old, a 12 yr old and a four year old, her 15 yr old daughter, her stepson and the children’s’ father John Dennie.

This is the country’s 3rd fire in a 6 day span which has caused tremendous damage to the affected families.

Last Wednesday, Forty-one-year-old Gayan Williams and three young children — her seven-year-old step-daughter, her three-year-old and eight-month-old sons-along with boyfriend Eddie Prince were rushed to hospital by ambulance after a fire, believed to have been electrical, burnt their Jennings residence.

Williams and her three years old son, Jayden were airlifted for medical treatment to severe burns, she however succumbed to her injuries on Monday.

On Saturday, a family of seven was also displaced after their villa home was consumed by fire.

In the Lower House of Parliament on Tuesday, Minister of Health and the Environment Molwyn Joseph, while addressing the issue of fire and affected families, announced that the government has secured 25,000 smoke detectors and alarms to be distributed freely to residents.

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