APUA restores Electricity but prepares residents for load-shedding

Despite power being restored to the country following an island wide black out on Wednesday, APUA officials are advising residents to be prepared for load-shedding.

Engineer at the Antigua Public Utilities Authority Jason Peters said the shedding is currently taking place as engineers attempt to fix one of their two 69 KV lines that had gotten damaged as a result of lightning.

“Fortunately there are two lines that feeds fro Crabbs to Cassada Gardens and only one came down, so we isolate that one and put all things in place to have the other one to export power to the nation, that one line is not able to suffice the entire grind, it could only do a maximum of 30 MW and our peek demand is in the region of 53MW so despite that we have put that back and we can only do 30MW, so presently there is a load shedding scheme taking place.”

On Tuesday 23rd August at approximately 10PM a lightning strike damaged a 69KV line within the Crabbs to Cassada Garden’s circuit.

At the time of the incident the Crabbs to Lavington 69KV circuit was undergoing maintenance. This maintenance work left the Crabbs to Cassada Garden’s circuit as the sole circuit for all electricity transmission, which caused a system wide outage.

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