Bad Weather is Blamed for  Water Supply Shortage

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) has sought to bring clarity to the issue of why a number of areas in the country have been without water since last evening.

According to Public Relations Officer at APUA Floree Whyte, bad weather may have been the cause, after one of Sembcorp’s plant at the Crabbs area was affected last night.

“Every area except for those in the north and south is going to be without water today. There is something that happened last night in the Crabbs area, I am not sure what exactly it is but I do believe that it has something to do with lightening, so the Sembcorp plant was affected and the guys can’t go out and work on the problem until it stops raining because as you know, electricity and rain don’t mix.”

According to Whyte the cause of the water shortage has still not been confirmed.

” I don’t have the official report as yet but as soon as we get it we will release it so people can check our Facebook page for that. I do believe that it has to do with lightening but I just have to wait on engineers to give their final assessment.”

Meantime, Director of the Antigua and Barbuda Met Office Keithley Meade said that the tropical wave currently affecting the island is not expected to develop further adding that the rain should ease up by mid-morning.

He further advised residents and mariners to remain cautious in light of a flash flood warning that being issued in the country.

“Apart from the flash flood warning, we ask person to take special precautions because there will be quite a bit of water on the road so of course speeding is not advised. There will be mariners and other persons who use the sea, seas are up quite a bit……we have waves up to 10ft so persons who want to use the sea should be very careful especially on the northern side of the island.”

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