Burn Victims Airlifted to Guadeloupe

The family of Gayon Williams, who is one of the country’s most recent burn victims, all gathered at the Mount St John’s Medical Centre on Friday as a MEDIVAC air ambulance transported the burn victim to a medical facility in Guadeloupe.

The Forty-one-year-old along with her three-year-old son who was also airlifted to Martinique will be receiving treatment for burns sustained during a fire at their Jennings residence on Wednesday.

Minister of Health the Hon Molwyn Joseph confirmed on Friday that the government will be taking care of the expenses to ensure that the mother and son are well treated.

He also indicated that the Government will be covering the cost of transporting on LIAT two relatives to Guadeloupe and another to Martinique to accompany the injured mother and son.

Minister Joseph said that although the treatment may be costly it is the government’s policy to assist residents in any way possible and the Gaston Browne administration is fully committed.

The family of five  to include Eddie Prince, the owner of the home, his partner Gayon Williams and their three children her seven-year-old step-daughter, her three-year-old and eight-month-old sons narrowly escaped being burned to death on Wednesday after their Jennings home caught on fire.

The family escaped the blaze but not before being burned about the body, some to the extent of 3rd degree burns.

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