CDB Provides Funds to Digitize Music in the Caribbean

Caribbean countries will have access to a total of USD150, 000 after the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) pledged funds to support the digitalisation of Caribbean music.

Antigua and Barbuda is included in that batch and according to a release issued today the grant will fund a feasibility study to determine the viability of establishing a regional distribution platform for the Caribbean music sector.

The study will determine the actual and potential size of the regional music and digital music markets, and the position of the Caribbean, compared to global content providers.

The study will also consider the legislative, infrastructural and regulatory requirements for creating a digital music distribution platform.

Daniel Best, Director of Projects at CDB described the investment as having the potential to transform the regional music industry—“a transformation that could set many Caribbean nations on a path to sustainable economic growth and competitiveness, “he noted.

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