Government to Develop Antigua’s Medical Services as OECS hub

Antigua and Barbuda has been given the opportunity to become a hub for medical services for the OECS territory.

According to the nations’ Health Minister Molwyn Joseph the government has been tasked with developing health care because of the significant strides made in the country’s medical sector.

“It is no coincidence why the most advanced cancer facility is located here in Antigua and Barbuda,” he said.

The minister while speaking at a town hall meeting revealed the government’s plans on developing a cardiology centre and a centre for neurological science in the future.

Meantime, Minister Joseph noted that the government is in the process of acquiring a mobile mammogram unit to address the rate of breast cancer in the country.

The Health minister described the rate as being a cause for concern adding that it is one of the challenges being faced in the twin island state.

According to Minister Joseph the unit will be made available to all communities and will be equipped with the appropriate staff to administer the examination to women in need of treatment.

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