Holberton Hospital to be Put Back to Use

The non-operational Holberton Hospital is to be put back to use as the Ministry of Health has announced plans of major upcoming renovation work for the new location of the country’s Dialysis Unit.

Word of the initiative came from Minister of Health and the Environment, Molwyn Joseph who said that the sections which once housed the Edward Ward and Intensive Care Unit at the former hospital will become a more spacious and a better location for the Dialysis Unit.

“We have great demand for its services so rather than trying to expand and take up more space at Mount St John, we have decided to relocate it here at the Edward Ward which has been here lying derelict for a long time”, Joseph said.

According to the health Minister, once fruitful discussions takes place in upcoming Cabinet meetings, then the venture will be forging full steam ahead with major rehabilitation work anticipated to begin in two weeks time.

“The workers of both Solid Waste and CBH have done an excellent job of cleaning up the building and by the end of the week they will have the whole building clean out so that the contractor can come in and do his estimates and present us with a proposal for the rehabilitation of this building”, Minister Joseph added.

He said that this will also coincide with the ministry’s plans for Antigua and Barbuda to provide quality health care for its residents.

“There is a lot more space up here and since it has the Intensive Care Unit and the Operating Theatre attached to it, it fits very well into our long term plan to be able to treat renal diseases here in Antigua and Barbuda and even to undertake our kidney transplant program so we are likely to see Edward Ward becoming an important hub for the services we provide in the country”, the minister noted.



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