Lastlap Cut Short As Truck Crushes Mas Player

The country’s carnival celebrations came to a sudden close last evening following the tragic death of a Mas player.

Dead is 25 year old Nikki Phillip, a resident of New York who was crushed by a truck while playing in the Myst Mas Troupe.

The incident occurred around 9:30 on Tuesday night, causing a state of shock amongst eyewitnesses and family of the deceased.

When ZDK News arrived on the scene, the truck could be seen hoisted in the air by another machine in lawmen attempt to remove the woman who was lodged between the wheels of the truck.

Eyewitnesses say that Phillip who was intoxicated at the time of the incident was standing on the moving truck before falling under.

Shortly after Phillip was pronounced dead, the traditional last lap celebrations were called off.

Meantime, residents are outraged after being repeatedly teargassed by lawmen following the lock down.

ZDK News received reports that lawmen used tear gas unannounced; to force residents off the streets of the St. John’s following the incident.

Individuals could be seen visibly ill while others ran to escape dangerous fumes including mothers and young babies.

While many residents quarreled that the use of the teargas was too much, others have sided with lawmen, noting that it was needed to put an end to a string of altercations involving youngsters.

The Police have yet to officially comment on the matter.




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