Ottos Trio Pleads Guilty, Sentenced and Fined

33 years old Deon Lloyd, one of the Ottos man arrested and charged for drug and firearm possession on Saturday was convicted and sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Lloyd, who is an Antiguan national, returned to court on Wednesday where he pleaded guilty for the possession of Cannabis, possession of cannabis with intent to transfer, possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition.

For possession of Cannabis he was convicted and fined $500 forthwith, in default he will spend 9 months in prison; for the possession of cannabis to transfer charge, he was convicted and fined $7,000 forthwith, failure to make the payment will result in a 9 month prison sentence which will run concurrently.

On the charge of firearm possession, Lloyd was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment with an additional 10 month sentence for possession of ammunition.

Meantime, 19 years old Jamal Mussington and 25 years old Jason Levy, the other two Ottos men apprehended with Lloyd made their court appearance to answer to separate charges of escaping lawful custody and larceny of handcuffs.

Mussington was convicted and sentenced to 1 month imprisonment for escaping lawful custody and was additionally fined $200 for larceny to be paid forthwith or face 1 month in prison. He was further ordered to pay $200 as compensation to the Officer for stealing his handcuffs.

The Antiguan national also pleaded guilty for unlawful possession of 17.7 grams of cannabis and unlawful possession with intent to sell. He was convicted and fined $400 forthwith for possession and $1,000 forthwith for possession with intent to transfer. Failure to make the payments will result in two separate 4 months prison sentences to run concurrently.

Levy on the other hand was convicted and fined $500 forthwith for escaping lawful custody and was also fined $200 for larceny. Both penalties carry a prison sentence of 1 month in prison if he fails to make the payments.

The immigration Department also made a request to have the Jamaican national deported back to his country of birth after it was found that he was residing in the country illegally.


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