PDV Electrical Engineer Pushes For More Solar Energy

An Electrical Engineer says he is pushing for the government to adapt to more solar based energy in Antigua and Barbuda noting that it will be extremely beneficial for the country.

Alonzo Jack, Electrical Engineer at PV Energy Ltd, the company which spearheaded the 3 megawatt solar power plant at the V. C Bird International Airport, said that country’s reliance on solar energy has been increasing, mainly because of the negatives associated with the use of fossil fuels and the reduction in electricity bills.

“First off we save a lot on our electric bill and that’s important and the cost of fuel is really expensive. In terms of the environment fossil fuel is causing a great harm and solar in regards to the sun is always there and is always gonna be there and its basically free,” he said.

The Solar energy installation at the airport includes more than 12,000 photovoltaic panels developed and constructed by PV Energy Limited based in the United Kingdom.

 The 3 megawatt solar power plant is the first phase of the 10 megawatt clean energy project between the Antigua and Barbuda Government and PV Energy Ltd.

The next phase of the project involves a 4 megawatt plant in Bethesda and the installation of 2 megawatt of solar panels on a number of government schools and other facilities.

According to Jack, installation has already commenced on some of the nation’s schools.

“We’ve already started in some of the schools, namely the Potter’s Primary School, the Antigua Girls Hugh School. the Antigua Grammar School, Pares Secondary and Primary Schools, Clarehall Secondary Secondary and Parham Primary School,” he noted.

Barbuda is presently slated to receive 1MW of solar power.

The project is a part of the governments plan in becoming a regional leader in renewable energy resources.


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