PM Browne Calls For A More Productive & Disciplined Nation

The nation’s leader Prime Minister Gaston Browne has called on residents to be more disciplined and productive if the country aims at maintaining its success and growth.

He said that as a people, residents should continue to explore new strategies and mechanisms designed to make life and living better for all our citizens.

PM Browne, in his Emancipation Day message said Over the past 182 years, we have risen from the ‘ruin and rubble of colonialism and political subjugation’ to independence, economic and social transformation.

“Our economic situation in Antigua and Barbuda, despite our limited resources and small population, has grown from strength to strength with few setbacks caused primarily by exogenous shocks,” he said, adding that “It is the task of each one of us to think big, aim high and strive for greater productivity in Antigua and Barbuda.”

The Prime Minister posed the question and I quote,” As good citizens, can we liberate our minds and be more positive in our quest for national social and economic growth?

As good citizens, can we strive to be an example to the rest of the world that as a Small Island State, we can be an Economic Powerhouse, through hard work, good governance and a professional approach to work?”

He said the time has come to take our politics to another level by making a paradigm shift from the adversarial to a more conciliatory and harmonious approach to nation-building, adding that Partisan politics cannot make a country great!

“Together we can make our little Antigua and Barbuda a beacon for fiscal and economic success, by ensuring that our people have a strong sense of pride in work, pride in our achievements and a growing love for country,” the nation’s leader ended.

Antigua and Barbuda joined other Caribbean countries in its celebrating 182 years of emancipation on August 1st. It is an annual observation of the history and freedom of black culture around the world.



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