Police Addresses Concerns Raised over the death of 25 year old Nikki  Phillip

The Police Administration within the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda has responded remarks made in the international media, concerning the unfortunate death of 25yrs-old Oniqua “Nikki” Phillip, last Tuesday.

According to a release, Whilst the Police Administration share in the grief and pain family members are experiencing at this time, the Police Administration likewise, craves the indulgence and patience of the family, as well as the local and international media, as the police go about conducting investigations into the matter.

The police say that the incident is one which is being investigated thoroughly, and has received the full attention of the Administration.

According to the Police Administration, their scope of investigations has been broadened beyond that of a normal fatal accident investigation. A team, which comprises of Sergeants within the Traffic Department and members of the Homicide Unit within the Criminal Investigations Department, are now on board conducting further investigations into the incident.

It is indicated that the driver of the vehicle was interviewed on more than one occasion, and several statements were recorded from a number of witnesses. ZDK news understands that a Post Mortem has already been completed, while a toxicology report is pending.

The vehicle involved in the incident is currently impounded at Police Headquarters. The Police Administration also said that in cases, where after investigations are carried out and no one is charged, the matter is referred to the Office of Public Prosecutions for his views, opinions and advice, or be referred to the Coroner for a Coroner’s Inquest to be conducted.

The police are appealing to anyone with any additional information to contact the Traffic Department at 462-0125 or the Homicide Unit within the Criminal Investigations Departments at 462-3913\14.

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