Political Scientist Says Prime Minister Gaston Browne Should Address Apparent Miscommunication Amongst Government Senators

A political scientist says that miscommunication amongst government senators concerning the controversial Statutory Corporation (General Provisions) Bill 2016, may have been the cause of the bill being sent back to the Lower House.

On Monday, both government and opposition senators voted against the bill describing it as a way of legalizing victimization.

Dr. Hamid Garnet from the Department of Political Science at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago said based on the concerns shared by government senators during the Senate, proper communication on the terms of the bill, seemed to have been the cause.

“I think the problem that the Government in Antigua has is an internal communication problem and that is a problem the government has to address internally,” he said.

“It appears as though there has been some further discussion and now the Senators seem to have a different view, so that would suggest to me that there was not proper communication before hand because it went so far as persons voting against the bill and that  is a political communication problem,” he said.

Garnet said that he was surprised that the bill was allowed to have gone to the final vote instead of a short recess being called. He said that it is a matter that needs to be addressed by the Prime Minister.

“I was surprised that it got that far because after the speeches are made the Leader f Government Business in the Senate obviously would have recognized that there is a problem and might have sought a short adjournment to take certain things into account rather than letting this go to the final vote.

So I was surprised about that and I think there is a communication problem within the Government that the Prime Minister would have to address in terms of whether the caucus is working and workout before hand what’s going to happen…that is my problem with this bill, internal political communication,” he noted.

On Wednesday nine of the eleven government-appointed Senators went to the Cabinet for consultations on the recently considered Clause 7 of the Corporate Governance Provisions Bill which caused two Government Senators, Senator Wrigley George and Barbudan Senator Knacynta Nedd, to vote in favor of its return to the Lower House.

According to Government officials, the Senators were rest assured that changes will be made the clause when they return to the Lower House in two weeks’ time.

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