Red Cross President Calls for More Policies To Prevent Future Carnival Deaths

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross Michael Joseph says that the recent tragedy surrounding the death of 25 years old Nikki Phillip should urge relevant authorities to relook at some of the policies which governs festivities such as Carnival.

Joseph who was speaking during an interview this morning said something must be put in place to protect the high number of persons who are intoxicated during these festivities.

“Unfortunately we had very little major casualties until the end, this in itself will charge to relook at some of the policies that we have around the various festivities on how do we ensure maximum safety and security of these patrons. We have to ensure that there is always some mechanism in place to support and protect individuals,” he said.

The Red Cross President noted that organisers should have a mechanism put in place to maintain the safety and security of large crowds. He said this is an issue which should be looked at for next year’s festivities.

“I’m asking various stakeholders, whether its fans or organizers that when your catering for a certain number of persons, there are certain things that are put in check so that the safety and security of let’s say a thousand persons are maintained. I think this is really where we need to look at in moving forward in next year’s Carnival,” he added.

Nonetheless, Joseph applauded the medical team for an immaculate performance on coordinating their tasks, minimizing the usual strain on the Red Cross association.

“From the medical perspective I think it was an immaculate performance by the emergency medical services, particularly those of the Government. I think that they coordinated their activity very well which minimized the amount of work the Red Cross is accustomed to doing and so I think kudos have to go to them.”

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