The Embassy of Mexico offers scholarships to Antiguans and Barbudans

Young Antiguans and Barbudans now have the opportunity to pursue studies abroad as the Mexican Embassy to the Eastern Caribbean States has extended an invitation to the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda to study in Mexico.

According to a press release there are two different tracks offering undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees, the first being led by the Government of Mexico and offers Merit Awards for International Students, comprising of full scholarships, including living expenses, for specialization, master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as graduate or postdoctoral research programs.

The release states that there are around 90 Universities collaborating in this track, including the best universities in the country and some of the top Universities in Latin America which means that there are programs in every field of study and in every region in the country.

The second track corresponds to undergraduate degrees offered by a cluster of 30 of the top public universities in Mexico. The Universities, in collaboration with the Mexican authorities, will provide high level education at a highly subsidized rate to students from the Eastern Caribbean in a wide array of subjects of interest.

This track also offers a semester of total immersion into Mexican culture and the Spanish language prior to full enrolment in order to facilitate the student’s education.

Interested persons are asked to contact the Embassy of Mexico at for more information.

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