The Free and Fair Election League plans to appeal the outcome of the High court   


The Free and Fair Election League says they plan to explore all avenues in order to appeal a decision handed down by the High Court who ruled in favor of the Government in a lawsuit brought up by the League.

The suit alleges that the Prime Minister exceeded his authority under the constitution by appointing 11 elected members of the House of Representatives to the Cabinet.

According to the Chairman of the League George Rick James, his organisation is currently in the process of appealing the decision.

Last Week Justice Clare Henry ruled that that the Constitution gives the Prime Minister the discretion to select his Cabinet and places no limitations on the number of Ministers that can be selected once the Ministers of Government are selected from those appointed to the Senate or elected to the Lower House.

However James told ZDK news that the government plans to explore all possible avenues including the Privy Council in an effort to appeal the decision.


In response to the case being thrown out, Prime Minister Gaston Browne described the lawsuit as an attempt to distract his administration’s attention and to waste the time of the Executive.”

The Prime Minister noted that his Cabinet is among the smallest that has been selected since 1976, adding that the decision to bring this matter before the Court is tainted with the same motive that has seen frivolous lawsuits brought against PARADISE FOUND, and being threatened against other projects.

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