Close Call for Two in Falmouth Crash

It was a close call for two young men who survived a car accident which occurred last evening after their vehicle slammed into a wooden fence while trying to avoid colliding with another vehicle.

Kidafi Rolex, the driver, along with another young man had to be rushed to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre last evening after the Honda Civic vehicle license # A27957 they were traveling in, slammed into the fence opposite the St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Falmouth.

According to one of the individuals who assisted the men until EMS arrived on the scene, Rolex told him that while heading in the direction of English Harbour, another vehicle unexpectedly pulled out of a side roads opposite the church, causing them to swerve and crashing into the wooden fence.

ZDK News understands that the passenger was thrown out of the motor vehicle while the car ricocheted off of the wooden structure. The passenger could be seen lying on his back in the road, complaining of pains to his pelvis area. The driver reportedly sustained minor uninjured in the collision.

Three ambulances arrived on the scene where both males were transported to the Mount St. John’s Hospital. The other vehicle, which reportedly caused the accident, did not stop to help.

Meantime, Traffic cop Corporal Kenny McBurnie while speaking on ZDK’s Your Views on Monday called on motorists to exercise proper road safety measures to prevent such collisions from recurring.

“I just want to take the opportunity just to advise motorists exiting from minor roads unto major roads to remember to stand, wait until it is safe for you to do so,” he said.

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