UPP Calls for Public Consultations on Marijuana Legislation

In light of the Government’s plan to decriminalize up to 5 grammes of marijuana or less, PRO for the United Progressive Party Senator Demarny Tabor is calling for public Consultations to be held on the proposed legislation.

Tabor who was speaking during an interview on Friday said the proposed law has many implications for a number of groups within society which is why public consultations need to be held prior to the introduction of any new legislation.

He also condemned the decision of the government describing it as a ‘knee-jerk’ response to a public consensus by the UPP.

The Public Relations Officer further indicated that if the aim is to not criminalize the youth, then a more reasonable amount as according to Tabor should be decriminalized.

“We are talking about decriminalization, but we’re saying doing it along reasonable lines, so a sensible limit, in Jamaica it is two ounces we’re saying one ounce so that you don’t adversely or may deliberately in ALP case tail the services to decriminalization, five gram is less than a spliff and that’s ridiculous.”


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