“Winter Man” Elated Over First Road March Win; Myst Goes Bigger & Better for Carnival 2017

Tian “the winter man” Winter said he is elated after hearing his jumpy song “In De Middle” won road march 2016.

While speaking to ZDK news following the announcement of his win, Winter said it is an awesome feeling to win his very first road march title.

“It’s an awesome feeling….thanks for everyone for supporting me through the good and the bad, I really appreciate it. It could not have been done without the die hard support of my fans and my support team.”

The “winter man” said that fans can expect new music from as early as January but added however that his involvement in next year’s Party Monarch competition looks dim.

“There are completed songs that we didn’t release this year so you’ll definitely hear a new release from me probably January or February.”

“If the prize money is not raised though for Carnival 2017, I already said that i will not be participating. It’s a lot to put so much money into your performance and getting back basically the same money IF you win,” he said.

Meantime, Myst Carnival Inc’s Marlon Rawlins said there are bigger and better things for the troupe in Carnival 2017.

Myst was voted the Large Band of the year and according to Rawlins, innovation and keeping their supporters at the center of what they do is the formula to the troupe’s success.




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