Alleged Car Thief Sentenced to Her Majesty’s Prison

The man, who is being named in the carjacking and kidnapping of a female in the process, has been sentenced to Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP).

21 year old Joailian Saunders, who appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh, was sentenced to a total of one year and three months after he was found guilty of driving without a license, driving without insurance and without the owner’s permission and escaping lawful custody on Thursday.

For driving without a license, the accused was convicted and fined $2,000 to be paid forthwith or spend seven months in prison. He was additionally fined $3,000 for driving without insurance or faces one year imprisonment.

Saunders, who resides in Hatton, was further sentenced to three months in jail for escaping lawful custody.

Walsh also ordered him to pay a compensation fee of $1,570 to the complainant or spend one year behind bars.

Last Sunday, Saunders was detained during a citizen’s arrest, for allegedly stealing a vehicle on September 14, while the owner’s girlfriend was still inside the vehicle.

The incident occurred sometime after 10 pm that night, when the owner of the vehicle Fadie Awad of Marble Hill parked his silver Honda Stepwagon van license # C8888 on Popeshead Street near the popular Casanova Fast Food Restaurant.

ZDK News was told that the man left the key in the ignition of the vehicle while his female companion waited for him to return from the restaurant.

Upon returning, he realized his vehicle and the female was missing.

Police reports are that the 23 year old female, was blindfolded, bound and robbed of her cellular phone, a gold chain and an undisclosed sum of money during the carjacking, and was later dumped in the Golden Grove New Extension area.

The 21 year old is to re-appear in court for committal proceedings in December for additional charges of kidnapping, larceny and robbery.




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