Antigua and Barbuda to be featured in an award-winning documentary TV series

The beautiful twin-islands of Antigua and Barbuda will be viewed by millions, ahead of the winter booking period, as the unique culture of the destination will be featured on the seventh season of the award-winning documentary TV series, Music Voyager.

“Music Voyager: Antigua and Barbuda,” filmed on the island last year, highlights the story of Antigua and Barbuda through music and culture allowing viewers to experience the country through the eyes of the locals, and their words.

According to a release the episode unveils the true magic, mystery and music of Antigua and Barbuda.

Minister of Tourism, the Honorable Asot Michael, said, “The friendliness of our people, their warmth and hospitality is the key to our brand, and how we market Antigua and Barbuda.

“We are proud to bring the passion of our country to homes across the world, placing Antiguans and Barbudans center stage in our promotions, and using our music as the vehicle to showcase the quintessential Antigua and Barbuda,” said Minister Michael.

“Voyager episodes are presently broadcasting to 94% of every US PBS Household and in 120 countries, in 50 languages, on International In-Flight programming, on Cruise Ships and in European and Asian hotel chains.

According to CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Colin C. James, this represents unparalleled positive exposure for the destination.

James said, “Positioning Antigua and Barbuda apart from other beach destinations was a main consideration during production and the message is conveyed strongly throughout this episode, which will allow potential visitors to truly experience the islands.”

Season 7 is now being aired across multiple PBS channels with numerous repeats expected. Arrangements are being made to air the episode on local television stations.  The Antigua and Barbuda episode can also be viewed online.

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