APUA begins process for the installation of solar lights around the island

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) has begun the process to install solar lights in a number of different areas on the island.

In April the Government of Antigua and Barbuda accepted a gift of 2000 solar lights from the People’s Republic of China which forms part of the Government’s continuous effort to introduce green/renewable energy in the state, as well as to increase the security of various communities.

Speaking on ZDK’s Conscious Vibes program on Saturday, Transmission and Distribution Engineer at APUA Jason Peters said assessments have already been carried out in different areas to find out the most suitable regions for installation.

 He said that the next step is to secure the necessary finance from the government to begin installing the lights as well as acquiring the required man power to carry out the work.

The APUA official added that it anticipated that within the next 6-9 months all the solar lights will be erected.

Meantime the Engineer announced that APUA is continuing on the path of renewable energy with a new project involving LED lights, expected to come on stream shortly.

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