AT&LU President calls for succession plan

Former ABLP Senator and President of the Antigua Trades and labour Union (AT&LU) Wigley George has announced his intentions of stepping down as President.

George who was speaking at the 77th Annual Delegates Conference on Sunday told members and the executive that the time has come to implement a succession plan.

Wigley George served as President of the AT&LU for over 20 years after he was elected to the position in September of 1994.

He further encouraged members of the union to take full advantage of the opportunities that have been afforded and to continue to improve their skills to become more productive within the workplace.

In other related news the AT&LU President has cleared the air of an ongoing feud between himself and the government, following the revocation of his position as a government Senator.

In fact, the AT&LU President said he is better off in his current position, adding that the implications made by the opposition and others that there is bad blood between both parties are totally false.

George was dis-appointed as a Government Senator earlier this month, after he openly rejected the contentious Statutory Corporations General Provisions Bill 2016 on more than one occasion.

He believes that provisions in the bill can be used to victimize workers.

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