Barbados Finance Minister calls for Better Coalition Between LIAT’s Management & Shareholder Governments

“There needs to be better coalition between LIAT’s Management and Shareholder Governments.” So says Barbados Finance Minister Chris Sinckler, who called on both parties to work together to quickly resolve the issues facing the airline.

Sinckler, who is responsible for signing off on financing the Barbados Government, provides for the Antigua based carrier, is pushing for LIAT to run, but not just run for profit,” also for efficiency where profit cannot be made and that it offers a proficient service for the public,” he said.

LIAT has been thrown under the bus in recent weeks because of a string of delayed and cancelled flights without notice, which according to officials, is due to limited financial resources and lack of financial support from many of the territories which it serves.

He was quoted in an article in the Barbados Today saying and I quote, “If there are services issues then we need to address those, the management and the board of LIAT have to address those and hopefully that will be done,” end quote.

Apart from Antigua and Barbuda, other shareholder governments include Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Dominica.

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