Charges dropped against UPP PRO Senator Demarny Tabor

Charges brought against UPP PRO Senator Demarny Tabor have been dropped.

Senator Tabor who spoke to ZDK news on Wednesday confirmed the news indicating his satisfaction with the decision that he says, was in fact expected.


In March Senator Tabor was arrested and taken into custody where he spent approximately 24 hours.

ZDK news understands that the arrest stems from police investigations into Tabor’s allegations against the Government, surrounding misappropriation of $500,000 from the CIP Fund.

 Tabor was charged under section 35 of the Public Order Act for making a ‘false statement” and under the Common Law of Effecting Public Mischief.

His allegations prompted the Government to, upon the recommendation of the Antigua Christian Council; request the services of investigator Robert Lindquist to probe the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Up until now the investigation into the CIP has not been conducted and as such Tabor is calling for a reestablishment of the Lindquist inquire.

However in response to Tabors request Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst  says the government has no money to waste on demands by the UPP.


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