Computer expert says more focus should be place on computer courses

Founder of iLab Global, an organization aimed at advancing the development of the technology industry in the Caribbean, says more focus should be placed on computer-programming courses among the youth.

Ms. Makŏ Williams who spoke to ZDK news this morning said that by the year 2020, fifty (50%) of all jobs in computing will require computational thinking skills and these jobs will have in excess of more than a half-a-million unfilled positions.

She sad that this is so as presently there are extremely low numbers of students in Antigua and Barbuda or the Caribbean, graduating with computer science-related skills.

Williams said that schools within the Antigua and Barbuda as well as the Caribbean should consider transforming their curriculum to incorporate more computer courses as Computational Thinking skills are extremely relevant for graduates of top business programs today and in all career fields.

According to Williams, Even if a child is not interested in creating computer games and programs as a career, the chances are very high that they will be required to take a computer-programming course, because of the advantages that learning to code teaches.

She further indicated Starting October 3rd, 2016, iLabGlobal will continue a unique Computational Thinking program at Antigua Grammar School.

ILabGlobal develops multiple training programs and seven (7) primary school technology books to bridge the gap and heal the digital divide. Two graduates of the program are Mr. Canice James and Trevan Solomon.

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