Dis-appointment of Senator Wrigley George blown out of proportion.

Social and Political Affairs Analyst Arvill Grant says the dis-appointment of Wrigley George as a government Senator has been blown out of proportion.

Grant who was speaking on ZDK’s Open Forum on Sunday said the dis-appointment of government senators is not unusual as many successive administrations have had to deal with such instances.

He went on to state that although the Prime Minister ultimately had the final say, both individuals should be respected for holding on to their respective beliefs and interest.

 The Analyst further addressed the concern of whether there is a need for a Senate.

Meantime President of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union, Esrome Roberts has called on workers to engage in a unified protest against the decision taken by Prime Minister Gaston Browne to boot Senator Wrigley Gorge from the Senate.

The call was made during the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union 50th Annual Delegates Conference held on Sunday.

According to Roberts, there are certain members in Cabinet that insist on showing “that there in charge” and reminded persons present of what can be achieved through unity while making reference to the action taken by the union back in 2014 to shut down the financial sector for several days over the Banking Act of 2016.

He said that if the voices of workers cannot be heard in this country, then we have lost all sense of democracy.

This comes after Prime Minister Gaston Browne exercised his authority, granted under the Constitution, to withdraw the AT&LU President’s appointment to the Senate after he contested the Statutory Corporations General Provisions Bill 2016 during his debate last week.

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