Driver involved in the Country’s Latest Road Death Charged

28yrs-old Chearvel Smith, the driver of the vehicle which claimed the life of 23yrs-old Xavier King of Swetes, has been charged.

Smith, who is also a Swetes resident, was arrested and slapped with four charges on Friday.

She is to answer to the charges of causing Death by Reckless Driving; Driving without a valid Antigua and Barbuda Driver’s License; Driving when not covered by Insurance and Driving a motor vehicle without the consent of the owner.

Smith, a Jamaican national is a vendor at the Irene B. Secondary School and ZDK news was informed by one of the school’s teacher that she was on her way to the school when the incident occurred around 11:30 am on Wednesday.

Reports are that King, at the time of the incident, was walking along Swetes Main road on his way to catch a bus, when the vehicle, driven by smith allegedly lost control and struck him throwing him into a truck. He was pronounced dead on the spot.

The 23 year olds death now brings the total number of fatal accidents for the year to four.

Family and friends took to social media to express their grief over the shocking incident and described the deceased as an ambitious, respectful and amazing artist.

Smith is currently in police custody, and is expected to make her first appearance before the court next week.




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