Emergency responders forge closer ties in response to residential fires

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has formed an even closer alliance with the Antigua and Barbuda Fire Brigade in a bid to save more lives.

That is according to Head of the EMS Department Shawn Grinage who announced that beginning this month; an ambulance will also be dispatched whenever the Fire Department is responding to a residential fire.

He said that the move will be more effective as they won’t have to wait for the fire fighters to call from the actual scene of the blaze.

Meantime Public Relations Officer and Head of Training at EMS Marvin Fiedtkou said that in light of the increase deaths that the country has endured as a result of fires the EMS department has embarked on a new initiative to intensify training of its personnel.

He said that starting this week, the division will embark on a number of sessions to remind the operators of the procedures that are paramount to carrying out their duties more effectively.

Fiedtkou said that the department is always looking for new information and material to make the department more efficient and modern and indicated that at the end of the training it is anticipated that individuals will be able to receive a more up to date response from the EMS.

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