Group Wants NCC to adopt a ‘level playing field’ in its public education campaign

The group opposing the march towards the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as Antigua and Barbuda’s final court of appeal is calling for the National Coordinating Committee to adopt a ‘level playing field’ in its public education campaign.

According to a release the call comes from former parliamentarian and now spokesman for the ‘No. Not Yet’ Group, Eleston Namba Adams who made the comment on the Observer PM show on Wednesday. He said there should be an even-handed approach that gives the population information regarding the other side in the public education campaign.

On the question of the court system, Adams said there is urgent need for improvements in the lower courts. He noted that many cases do not go beyond the magistrate’s court because litigants quite often cannot afford the costs involved.

The No, Not Yet spokesman said the changes he is envisioning includes better salaries for magistrates and judges. “When we talk about influencing judges, anybody can be influenced but if we are paying our judges properly the likelihood of that happening is greatly reduced,” he stated.

Chairman of the NCC Ambassador Dr. Clarence Henry however disagreed with Adams’ assertions by informing that the NCC is providing both sides of the argument.

He cited the website, the inclusion of proponents of the Privy Council on its panels for town hall sessions, and has started to compile endorsements which will also be carried on the media.

Once again, The NCC Chairman challenged voters not to be persuaded by incorrect statements, but seek factual, credible insights into these distinguished institutions called the CCJ and the Privy Council.

The NCC is currently finalizing the new date for the series if town hall meetings.

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