Housing Minister Travels to China to Advance Effort to Improve Antigua and Barbuda’s Housing Stock

The nation’s Works and Housing Minister Eustace Teco Lake will be travelling to China in a matter of days with the hopes of securing new Housing Prospects for Antigua and Barbuda.

Lake will be representing the twin island state at the 5th China-Eurasia Expo that will open from September 20th to 25th in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China.

According to the Works and Housing Website, the forum is designed as a platform for cooperation and communication for developing states like Antigua and Barbuda.

While attending the China-Eurasia Expo, the Minister will hold meetings with officials from TBEA Co., LTD, the organizers of the China Eurasia Expo Scientific and Technology Cooperation forum.

TBEA is a world leader in the equipment manufacturing industry that provides high value added products and services that focuses on green technology, and environmentally friendly products for China and the world.

The works and Housing Minister said “The Republic of China has made significant strides with the development of modern industrial systems that Antigua and Barbuda can benefit from.”

The minister is expected to hold meetings with various business groups to explore avenues of housing and infrastructural development for Antigua and Barbuda.

He said he is seeking to advance win-win cooperation between Antigua and Barbuda and the Republic of China in an effort to improve the country’s housing stock.






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