Inaugural Women Police Retreat to be Held

In the next few days, a number of women within the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda will be a part of the first ever “Women Police Retreat”.

Under the theme, “Strong Women Bonding Together to Make a Difference,” 150 women police officers, both from the Regular and the Fire Departments will convene on Monday to Thursday with the primary objective ‘to become more relevant in the Force.’

Some of the subjects expected to be covered include the Role of Women in Law Enforcement; Women in Leadership; Emotional Intelligence; Domestic Violence\Gender Violence and Life after Policing.

The retreat is to provide a sense of purpose and belonging, especially within a male dominated organization and to bring about that oneness and unity among women police officers, and to give them a distinctive voice, a release said.

The three day event will commence with an official opening ceremony on Monday 3rd October at 7 PM.

Commissioner of Police, Wendel Robinson fully endorsed the bold, yet historic move made by the women within the organization, highlighting that a number of them exemplified leadership qualities, and are making meaningful marks on the fabric of the organization.



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