Ministry of Social Transformation to host workshop geared at empowering parents

“Providing Practical Knowledge through Interaction, in Overcoming Parenting Challenges” is the theme for a two day workshop geared towards empowering parents to effectively communicate with their children.

The programme is being hosted by the Ministry of Social Transformation & Human Resource Development in collaboration with the USAID/OECS Juvenile Justice Project.

Speaking on ZDK’s Expressions on Thursday Probation Officer within the Ministry of Social Transformation Alvin Jarvis said that parenting is one of the most important aspect of raising a child and such, parents should receive the necessary guidance.

According to Jarvis parents should understand that their delinquent behaviours often times have a major impact on their child’s development.

The programme will also equip parents with appropriate communication skills that will facilitate dialogue with their children about the harmful effects of drugs and drug related issues.

The probation officer went on to give details on what persons can expect during the two day workshop which will be held on the 7th and the 8th of September at the Multi-purpose Cultural Centre beginning at 8:30am.

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