Robbery Suspects Caught with Public’s Assistance

Two suspects allegedly involved in a robbery and kidnapping investigation are currently in police custody.

The two suspects, who were detained by a member of the public at First Choice Supermarket on Sunday, are now in police custody assisting them in an ongoing investigation of robbery, kidnapping and larceny.

A member of the public spotted the suspects inside a vehicle, which is the center of an ongoing investigation in the parking lot of First Choice Supermarket and detained them. The man at the time was in possession of an Air Riffle (BB gun).

The police were notified and arrived on the scene and took the persons into custody. No one was injured coming out of the incident.

The incident sparked from a report that was made to the police on Thursday 15th September 2016, where a Marble Hill man reported that his silver Honda Stepwagon vehicle was stolen from Popeshead Street. It is alleged that two persons got into the vehicle and sped away from the scene with a female passenger seated inside.

The female was blind-folded, bounded and robbed of an undisclosed sum of money as well as her mobile phone and jewellery. She was later driven to an area in Golden Grove New Extension, where she was dumped from the vehicle.

The police have since seized the BB gun along with the vehicle and took them to the police station. The police further stated that a fact finding inquiry has been launched into the issue concerning the BB gun.

Meanwhile, the Police Administration has publicly expressed gratitude to members of the public who assisted the police in their investigations and detention of the persons involved in this matter.

However, the administration at the same time was quick to caution members of the public not to unnecessarily put themselves in harm’s way, especially when it comes to dealing with such criminal minded individuals. Investigations are currently ongoing into the matter.

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