Six Freed of Drug-Related, Firearm & Ammunition Charges

The six men that were arrested and charged in connection with the 2015 Ras Freeman, Liberta Drugs Bust has been freed of all charges.

The men who were identified as James George Sebastian of English Harbour and Ivan Gonsalves of Bethesda, along with  Elroy Devon Ralph, Glenroy Nathaniel Andrew, Kevin Miguel Samuel and Dennis Edwards all of Liberta had charges of drug possession and firearm and ammunition possession dropped against them after prosecution failed to provide the sufficient evidence to find them guilty.

The attorneys for the men had been arguing for the dismissal of the matter for several weeks noting that there was more than enough time for prosecution to provide evidence, particularly because the matter had been in the court for over a year.

The attorney’s also pointed to the fact that the men have all been present for each court hearing which keeps getting adjourned on the part of the prosecution.

According to Police reports, during an Eradication Exercise conducted by the Police Task Force and officers attached to “C” Division in July 2015, the men were jointly arrested and charged by the police with Possession of 133 ½ lbs of Cannabis and Possession of 13,651 Cannabis plants.

They were also charged with Possession with intent to supply, Drug Trafficking and Unlawful Possession of one 7.62 Norinco Rifle and 11 rounds of Ammunition.

Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel dismissed the charges.




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