BPM appeal put on hold against Paradise Found Project

The Government’s Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst has chastised the Barbuda Peoples Movement (BPM) for their continued efforts to strike down the Paradise Found Project.

Hurst who was speaking on ZDK’s Your Views this morning called out the BPM who continues to challenge the project which according to Hurst is intended to further development of the small island.

According to Hurst, although majority of the Barbudan people support the project the BPM continues to challenge the much needed development.

His comments come after an appeal by the BPM against the Paradise Found Project was put hold, pending the outcome of another related case.

The appeal was against the decision by Justice Brian Cottle to uphold the results of the vote for the Project as according to the BPM the US$250 million dollar project was approved without a detailed proposal by the Cabinet, the Barbuda Council and the people of Barbuda.

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