Culture Minister addresses controversy surrounding the 2016 independence theme

 In light of the controversy surrounding the theme for this year’s independence celebration, the Minister of Culture and National Festivals the Hon Paul Chet Greene has sought to put an end to the rising debate.

After the theme for this year’s independence celebration was revealed “Building an Economic Powerhouse, Together – Antigua and Barbuda’s Independence 2016”, Members of the Public raised a number of concerns regarding how similar the theme was to the ALP slogan stating that the cultural celebration is being tainted with political agendas.

However Minister Greene who was speaking on ZDK’s Breakfast Programme Your Views this morning sought to clarify the matter stating that it is not a political issue.

He said that the Independence theme like the ALP’s slogan highlights exactly what the country seeks to achieve.

Antigua and Barbuda’s independence is celebrated on the 1st of November and this year the activities will include a week of celebration, competitions, parades, expos and food fairs – for all Antiguans living both home and abroad as well as visitors.

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