Government defends its CIP Program in light of lawsuit

The Government has defended the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) in light of the recent matter involving a Chinese CIP Investor Ai Yang, who is suing the government for wrongfully attempting to revoke her citizenship and Passport.

According to the Government’s Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst, in regards to Yang the issue was spotted by the Citizenship by Investment Unit and it does not in any way proves that the government lacks control over the CIP.

He said that the matter being before the court will likely lend clarity to the country’s CIP program.

Hurst also defended the due diligence process which requires CIP applicants to undergo procedures such as background checks before citizenship is granted.

The Chinese Investor alleges that the government wrongfully attempted to revoke her citizenship after she was denied entry into Canada a country which Antigua and Barbuda has visa free access.

Initially the government had decided to revoke her passport due to technical responses on her application that were deemed inaccurate however according to the Chief of Staff after further investigations and the fact that she has committed no crime in Canada or Antigua and Barbuda, it was later decided not to revoke her Antiguan citizenship.

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