Government holds off on establishing embassy in Iraq

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade the Hon Charles Max Fernandez says the decision to establish an embassy in Iraq has been put on hold.

Minister Fernandez was speaking during an interview this morning when he made the pronouncement.

The Minister also dismissed claims of the initiative being put on hold due to predictions of failure.

The government came under fire after it was announced that the country would be establishing an embassy in Iraq.

Among the individuals opposing the move was Former Justice and National Security Minister Colin Derrick who said that decision may not be secure, particularly, because of the low intelligence services in the country.

The Opposition United Progressive Party also contested the decision indicating that there was no clear reason for establishing an embassy in Iraq as the country has no trade ties or cultural links to the Middle Eastern state.

Meantime the Foreign Affairs Minister said that the government will be moving forward with plans to establish an embassy in the United Arab Emirates.

He said that discussions will be held with the UAE government in order to assist Antigua and Barbuda in offsetting the cost.

The opening of the embassy will be an historic one, as Antigua and Barbuda will become the first CARICOM member to establish an embassy in the UAE.

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